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Zoph stands for zoph organizes photos. Zoph is free software.

Releases and documentation can be found at http://www.zoph.org/. Send feedback to .

Zoph version 1.0.1, released 12-02-2023.

Originally written by Jason Geiger, now maintained by Jeroen Roos with thanks to the following for their contributions:

Joaquim Azevedo Portuguese translation
David Baldwin PHP 4.2 compatibility and fixes
Chris Beauchamp PostgresSQL diff
Edelhard Becker Debian packages
Alexandr Bondarev Russian translation
Roy Bonser Patches for web import function and major improvements of seach page.
Charles Brunet Various bugfixes
Nixon Childs Annotated photos
Francesco Ciattaglia Italian translation
Mark Cooper rpm packages, makefile, man page and fixes
Alvaro González Crespo Spanish translation
Nils Decker zophEdit script
Antoine Delvaux Updated French translation, EXIF patch and zoph.org domain
Dominique Dumon improvements
Mufit Eribol Turkish translation
Peter Farr zophImport.pl patches
Pontus Fröding Bugfixes
Geonames project Coordinates to timezone lookup
Donald Gover bugfixes
Michael Hanke fixes
Christian Hoenig improvements
Raimund Hook Bugfix
Jason (JiCit) Bugfixes
Neels Jordaan Afrikaans translation
Francisco Javier Félix Updated Spanish translation, various bugfixes
Samuel Keim email notification, last login & ip, PHP validation, improvements
Ian Kerr fixes, Canadian English translation
Krzysztof Kajkowski Polish translation
Sławomir Kubiak Updated Polish translation
David Kulp bugfixes
Pekka Kutinlati Finnish Translation, bugfix
Tetsuji Kyan bugfixes
Patrick Lam Various improvements
Asheesh Laroia htpasswd authentication, fixes
Johan Linder Updated Swedish translation
John Lines location lookup feature
Mat Lee Traditional Chinese translation
Haavard Leonardo Lund Norwegian translation
Matthew MacIntyre bugfixes
Mikael Magnusson Swedish translation
Leaflet project Leaflet mapping project
Iván Sánchez Ortega Leaflet Google Plugin
Neil McBride Adding multiple people at once
Jan Miczaika importer, multiple ratings
Francisco J. Montilla bugfixes and improvements
Giles Morant Movie import script
David Moulton improvements
Nuflix Icons for rating stars
Aaron Parecki SSL Login
Mario Peter German translation
"Prince01" Hebrew translation
Curtis Rawls Bugfixes
Oliver Seidel Hierarchical directories in zophImport.pl
Eric Seigne internationalization, French translation
Sergey Chursin Russian translation
Jesper Skytte Danish Translation
Alan Shutko improvements
Jason Taylor Various bugfixes
Arjen Tebbenhof Dutch translation
Hans Verbrugge Bugfix
Matthias Wandel EXIF decoding in jhead